Animal Health

At TRM/GDL and GDL Meandarra we have a wealth of knowledge in animal health and livestock handling products. Working closely with credible manufacturers ensures that all the TRM/GDL and GDL Meandarra staff are kept up to date and informed with regards to innovation, new products, stock availability, label changes and price movements.

We can offer advice and products to assist with:

  • Livestock nutritional deficiencies
  • Infrastructure management planning
  • Production planning

We have access to an extensive range of animal production products:

  • Vaccination
  • Livestock identification
  • NLIS tags
  • Branding equipment, crushes and cattle yards
  • Pet food and accessories
  • Fencing
  • Stock supplements
  • Produce and feed products
  • Livestock troughs and water requirements

Contacts for TRM/GDL


 Office : 08 8953 4255
 Email :


Mobile : 0419 925 033
 Office : 08 8953 4255
 Email :

Contact for GDL Meandarra


 Office : 07 4665 6111
 Email :