566 Brahman Steers


CQLX Gracemere Sale Wednesday 1st December 2021

Vendor: Lorraine Station, Cloncurry - Ex Giru Agistment

Number & Breed: 566 Brahman

Avg Weight: 374kg



  • 566head – 100% weighed, mob average 374kg ( ie. 98head @ 305-350kg & 468head @ 351-453kg).
  • Good quality red & honey coloured (a few grey, very odd brindle & black), Brahman steers, 100% No.0, good frame, forward store condition, dehorned & polled (odd horn bud), easy to handle in paddock and yards.
  • Good growthy cattle which will go forward in both coastal or western conditions, make good bullocks, feeder or heavy live export steers in 2022.
  • 23.11.21 Backline Tick treatment at weighing with IMAX CD (Ivermectin)

Heifers: 2 head @ 350kg, Brahman, No.0, good quality, backline IMAX CD

Location: Gracemere Cattle Sale
Date: December 1, 2021
Contact Information
Josh Heck
GDL Rockhampton
0409 732 676