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52 Brangus & Charbray Weaned Heifers

Category Heifers
Sale Type AuctionsPlus
Location Biggenden
Date 07/06/2024
Reference Link Click for AuctionsPlus
Weight Av. 223.3kg
Information A/c Redlea Citrus
41 Angus / Brahman Cross
11 Charolais / Brahman
5 - 11 Months
A line of 52 weaned Angus and Charolais cross heifers which present in perfect condition to power ahead. These heifers have been yard weaned and are bred on light forest country. Sired by Glenoch Angus bulls and Clare Charolais bulls over predominantly grey Brahman and Brangus cows. On assessment these heifers were very good to handle through the yards. Please note that the heifers were spilt between 2 different sets of yards hence why photos are different. Some of the heifers at the one set of yards were slightly older but still are the same genetics and fit the mob evenly. Overall these heifers have a lot of compensatory gain and the good genetics behind them to grow well. Note vendor also has a line of steers in same sale.

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