28 EU Angus Steers


AuctionsPlus - Weaner & Yearling Sale  17-9-21

Vendor:                               MG & TJ Wales

Number & Breed:            28 EU Angus Steers

Av. Weight:                       309kgs

Age:                                    8-10 mths

Bloodlines:                        Texas & Ascot stud Angus sires

Location:                           Meandarra

Comments:                       A good line of top quality vendor bred weaned EU straight Angus steers that average 309kg. This line of steers are very well bred by some of the top genetics in the Angus pedigree. Steers present in good store condition and have very good muscle expression, bone and volume with plenty of capacity . Steers are by Corack top quality Angus cows by well above average Texas & Ascot stud sires. These cattle have a very good reputation for performance on grain and grass, with all the hard work done. All cattle are very good to handle both in paddock and through yards. Steers are grass only eligible. Note 2 steers had slight blue eye scarring and one steer has white under line.

Location: AuctionsPlus
Sale ID: Weaner & Yearling Sale
Time: 9:00 am
Date: September 17, 2021
Contact Information
Russell Jorgensen
GDL Meandarra
0428 880 411