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21 Angus X Heifers

Category Goombungee
Sale Type AuctionsPlus
Date 15/03/2024
Reference Link Click for AuctionsPlus
Weight Av. 221.8kg
Information A/c Braeside No. 2
21 very quiet, Angus cross heifers. These heifers have a tremendous temperament and were a pleasure to work through the yards. They are in strong store condition, coming out of an area that has missed a lot of the rain this year, they have plenty of compensatory gain to be had. These heifers would be great to fit into a feed program to turn over as heavy vealers, or would suit the domestic trade market. Due to lack of feed they have been on Barley and Oaten hay with Manildra pellets for the last two weeks and are just starting to pick up and are ready to power ahead. Buyers, the vendor has another lot of the straight Angus and angus cross heifers in this sale. Please note a few heifers have old blight scarring, they are all healed and not deemed detrimental to these heifers at all.

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