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11 PTIC Angus & Angus X Heifers

Sale Type Auctionsplus
Location Ironpot
Date 05/04/2024
Reference Link Click for AuctionsPlus
Weight Av. 545.1kg
Information A/c CR, NA & DD McLaughlin
10 Angus / Angus
1 Limousin / Angus
20 - 30 months
Here is a very good lineup of Angus and Angus cross heifers PTIC to very good quality angus bulls from Hazeldean and Exton studs. These heifers are either on their first or second calf. They have all their breeding life in front of them and would be a credit to any breeding herd. 9 of these heifers are preg tested with red tags and 2 are with blue tags. What a great opportunity to purchase good quality angus and angus cross heifers for your breeding herd

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